About Matt

Hello, and thanks for visiting my website. I’m lead data journalist at the polling company YouGov, where I have worked since summer 2016. 

I conceive, formulate, analyse, report and visualise opinion polls, revealing key information about public opinion on everything from politics to breaking news to more entertaining content on everyday life.

My YouGov work has gone viral on social media, received wall to wall news coverage and even set the political agenda. I am particularly proud of my data visualisation skills, which have been held up as examples of good practice by peers in the industry.

You can find my full catalogue of YouGov content here, or you can check out the articles I’m most proud of here on my own website.

Aside from my data journalism I am also an accomplished social media manager.

Prior to joining YouGov I wrote a little in Times Red Box. I have also held digital communications roles at the think tank Policy Exchange, the trade union UNISON and public affairs company WPI.

If you’re interested, I also do freelance and consultancy. If you want to get in touch follow me on Twitter at @mattsmithetc and drop me a DM.


“Brilliant piece, fantastic charts” – Stephen Bush, New Statesman, on How much money do you need to earn a year to be rich?

“…the brilliant @mattsmithetc” – Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary, University of London, on Most Conservative members would see party destroyed to achieve Brexit

“…one of the best pieces we’ve had on Red Box since I took charge at the beginning of the year… It was exactly what infographics are for: loads of work for you, and I can work out what it’s telling me in two seconds.” Matt Chorley, The Times, on 5 factors that will make or break George Osborne’s Conservative leadership bid

“Undeniably good political geekery” – Joe Watts, Political Correspondent for the Evening Standard, on 5 factors that will make or break George Osborne’s Conservative leadership bid

“Absolutely top-rate number crunch here” – Glen O’Hara, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Politics at Oxford Brookes University on Revealed: How Corbyn can win the next election

“Some brilliant @mattsmithetc graphics in this thread on perceptions of age in the UK.” John Burn Murdoch, Financial Times, on How young are “young people”? And at what age does a person become “old”?