How much are the parties asking for?

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Yesterday I received a campaign email from the Conservatives with the usual infographic-style layout telling everyone how well the Long Term Economic Plan is working and so forth. When I got to the bottom, there was a donate section asking for money. It seemed a bit steep to me – I for one don’t have £100 I can just donate on a whim because an email asked me to. It struck as me as somewhat stereotypical of the type of person most associated with Conservatives – rich people.

I had a dig through my emails and turned up a Labour email. Lo and behold, they are asking for a tenner at most. I thought this was interesting and decided to have a dig through the other party’s requests to see what turned up. I didn’t want to wait for ages for the next Lib Dem/UKIP etc email to come through, so I’ve compared donation asks on party websites only.

The most astonishing thing that turned up as a result is that the Greens are really hoping they can score some big donations from their website, with top end asks of £5,000, £15,000 and a whopping £40,000. I’m not sure they’re going to get that, but it was interesting to see that they’ve done a Kickstarter style of donation request which details what you’re getting for that amount (the other parties simply want you to cough up, no questions asked).

It seems that the parties are willing to make bigger asks of people on their websites than on their emails – the minimum request on the Labour website was the maximum request made in their email. UKIP is the only party that prompts for small amounts only (the SNP has a single box auto-filled in with £25 as opposed to presenting several options). The other parties are a lot more optimistic about the amount of money they can squeeze out of people – the Lib Dems’ maximum option is £250, the Tories £500 and Labour £1,000. With the campaign strategies of all parties heavily influenced by big data and the experience of the US elections, it’ll be interesting to see how those numbers become more refined in future as the parties sift through the donations data they’ve accumulated.

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