Labour leadership nominations breakdown

Find the full dataset here, or at the bottom of this page.

I’ve spent the last couple of days gathering as much data as possible on Labour MPs to see what insights we can draw from the recent Labour leadership and deputy leadership elections. I’ve pulled out some key points in the infographics below.

Yvette Cooper has the support of the highest number of former ministers

Labour leadership among former ministers-01

andy burnham has the highest support of those mps who weren’t subject to trials of the blair/brown era

Labour leadership year of entry-01

labour mps backing the most left wing leadership candidates have the safest majorities in their own seats

Labour leadership majority-01

andy burnham supporters had the lowest median vote share gain in 2015

Labour leadership vote share change-01

andy burnham has the most support in 4/5 of the regions with the most labour mps

Labour leadership regional-01

Andy burnham supporters are far more likely to be facing ukip as the main opposition in their seat

Labour leadership 2nd places-01

labour co-op mps love liz kendall

Labour leadership among Co-Op MPs-01

andy burnham and tom watson is the most popular leader/deputy leader combination

Labour deputy leadership combos-01

liz kendall is the heir to david miliband, whilst andy burnham has the most support from ed miliband backers and new mps

Labour leadership nominations flow-01

Full data

You can also find the data on Google docs here. If you spot any errors, please do get in touch with me on twitter at @mattsmithetc.

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