Comparative Shadow Cabinet Experience

Ministerial team experience A4 2 150dpi-01Click the image above to expand. Full table of results below.

Speaking at a Westminster Policy Institute event on 10th March, Adam Boulton noted that Ed Miliband’s Shadow Cabinet is actually one with the most significant levels of government experience in a long time. I’d been thinking of doing some work along similar lines previously, so now was the time to have a go!

The data shown is all in months, using the dates given on MP profiles on TheyWorkForYou. The message is pretty clear – Boulton’s right. Given the circumstances, it’s hardly surprising, but the disparity is still quite incredible – Ken Clarke is practically propping up the entire Conservative count by himself.

There are a few permutations on this theme I’d like to explore – like Blair Shadow Cabinet vs Cameron Shadow Cabinet – so watch this space for updates!

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