Some Premier League facts for the last day of the season

I normally stick to politics, but some interesting things happened in the Premier League this year, so I thought what the hell. Here is a selection of Premier League facts for the last day of the 2015-16 season:

Aston Villa was one of the few remaining teams that has never been relegated from the Premier League

Aston Villa have been a constant fixture in the Premier League since its inception, but despite coming 2nd in the opening season they’ve been bumping along just above the relegation zone for a while now. This year they finally succumbed. Before that, the last founding member of the Premier League to be relegated for the first time was Southampton in 2005.


Aston Villa’s final points scored will be one of the worst in Premier League history

I’m not trying to pick on Aston Villa! They’ve had a really, really bad season though – one of the worst of any team in Premier League history. And while we’re all excited by Leicester’s victory, their winning score isn’t exactly up there either, coming in at 17th-19th out of 24 champions, depending on how today plays out.

PL top and bottom scores-01

Leicester has risen an almost unprecedented number of league places this year

Leicester finished in 14th place last year, and first place this year, meaning that they’ve managed to climb a nearly unprecedented 13 league places in one season. Only two other teams in Premier League history have ever moved 13 places between seasons (and one of those was downwards). Here are the most drastic year-to-year changes in Premier League history:

PL dramatic changes-01

47 teams have ever played in the Premier League

Finally – just because I was wondering myself – here’s a big chart of all the teams that have ever played in the Premier League, and when!

PL all teams-01

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